9 things you should have before you start selling online

Nowadays, many people are interested in starting an online business? sell products online Because it looks like something that can be done easily. Plus, you don’t have to invest much, but actually opening an online store or doing an online business to be

successful is. Good preparation is required. Because I don’t want that, then it may be a loss. Until I had to give up.

Today, We would like to bring 9 things that should be there. Before starting to open an online store to tell you readers. In order to prepare before starting to open an online store.

1. Shop name

Online store The name of the shop must be easy to read, easy to remember, familiar with the ear, find it.

Many people think that naming their own online store. You can name the store whatever you like. The more strange and unique the better. (Sometimes they even open a dictionary to find each other.) But I don’t know. Naming a shop requires a technique that is easy to read, easy to remember, familiar to, and easy to find.

• Easy to read, difficult to pronounce names. not familiar to Thai people As a result, customers do not remember the store. Or maybe he doesn’t dare to recommend your shop to acquaintances. for fear of mispronunciation! You lose the opportunity to get another new customer.

• Easy to remember, familiar to the ears. A good store name should make it easy for customers to remember. As soon as I saw it, the better I remembered. This item depends on the creativity of each person, which wood to use, regardless of whether the store name is related to the product sold. For example, if you sell a watch and name it

with the word Time or Watch, customers will be able to remember. and find your shop more easily Or use techniques to use words that attract attention, such as ‘Who is a Bear Fan’? Do you want to know?)

• Easy to find. Nowadays, no one will find anything, you have to ask Google or Facebook. If we think of a name that matches the words that customers use to search (Search) is more likely to make it easier for our customers to shop

2. Product.

choose from what you like Choose from what is right

• Choose from what you like. choose from what you like Because when selling, you will be able to clearly provide information to customers. This is not counting the happiness you get to do what you love, what you love, until you feel happy like you’re not working at all.

• Choose from what’s right. But if you don’t like anything in particular I just want to have my own shop You might start by exploring the market to see what products are in demand and that are likely to be profitable. for example During the period when most people turned to use smartphones. Selling a power bank or cell phone case is not a bad

idea. Or will you find ideas at what to sell? A collection of ideas for products to sell online.

3. Funding,

cost of online sales. It’s not just the cost of the product alone.

The money you’ll invest in starting an online store shouldn’t just cover the cost of the products you’ll be selling. but should include other expenses that you may incur, such as shipping costs, packaging costs, advertising costs, etc., so you should plan well. that your funds will be able to allow you to operate without having to borrow others later

Especially if you’re thinking of quitting your full-time job to sell online as well. You have to think carefully.

4. The stand of the shop.

Plan your store clearly.

when the product is available It’s time to think about whether your product is more suitable for wholesale or retail. Sometimes, choosing to sell wholesale products at a cheap price for a small profit can make you rich without realizing it. While some products, such as fashion items, are suitable for high-margin retailing.

  1. Product sales channels

    Where is it sold? FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or [email protected]

    sales channels that we will open an online store and sell our products on It is another factor that affects the success of the store. Because each channel can reach the target audience differently.

    • Selling on Facebook pages is the easiest way. most popular seller And it can reach our customers as well. Because nowadays everyone is playing Facebook, making our products reach the customer group very easily, especially now Facebook is open for advertising (Facebook Ads) that can set a budget used to advertise and set your own

target audience as well. The more you open a sales page on Facebook, the more popular it becomes. causing many missing people to become millionaires

• Selling on Instagram is the next most popular channel. It will focus on selling through pictures. Can’t enter details as much as Facebook, so if you want to sell through this channel You have to have a certain level of proficiency in product photography to be great. But if you are not skilled enough, you can practice it.

• Selling via LINE and [email protected] This channel is another interesting channel and should have. But that must be after you have a Facebook page or a shop on Instagram because this channel is a channel where the shop can chat directly with customers. Customers will feel more like talking to a live person, so most stores use this channel to

communicate with existing customers, such as updating a new collection. Latest promotions, etc.

6. Marketing plans,

attractive selling points, delivered directly to the target group.

A marketing plan is important to determine the destiny of your store. Because even if you have good quality products with cheap prices But if no one knows your store, it’s useless. You should therefore plan carefully on how you will promote your store or product. How to attract customers And how will you make your newly opened store outperform others? that opened before you Marketing planning can begin with the following steps:

• Draw a clear picture of your goals

• Have a step-by-step process to achieve them, such as how you get to know them when the page is opened

• Set a budget that will be used to accomplish the steps.

• Set deadlines to assess, review and improve plans

7. Payment Methods

the more the better If selling expensive items, accepting credit cards is even better.

Payment should be easy for customers. You should open an account for your store with a bank that most people use. Instead, choose a bank that is not popular but offers good interest. You should have an account that supports international money transfers. (And there are plans for shipping internationally without loss). Paypal account is a good choice and easy to sign up.

8. Patience and commitment.

think we can do it

Many people start their business with the desire to get rich quick. We hope our investments will turn out to be profitable from the moment we start our store. But that can hardly be called a dream. because when you start to open the shop It’s likely that you won’t have any customers for the first few weeks. (Not counting friends, relatives

and acquaintances) There may be many customers who are interested in your product but then leave. You will begin to wonder what you did wrong. Sometimes it may even go to the point of wanting to lower the price and then sell everything to get a payback. don’t do that You need to be confident and check that your marketing plan is working

as expected or not. and learn to modify and do something new to attract customers And do not be discouraged.

9. The time

faster the time, the greater the advantage.

If you’re prepared to take on online sales as a career, then go for it. But if you are someone who still has to work full time. You should plan your time well, because sometimes the “wishes” of your customers are limited. The inability to interact with customers in a timely manner It could mean losing a customer.

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