Martin Strategy Popular baccarat formula

Baccarat terms One of the gaming aptitudes is called “Martin Strategy”. Martin refers to the “Martingale (Martingale) strategy” which originated in France in the 18th century and was created by a pair of Martin and Gore. It is said that every month him spends a little more in addition to his monthly salary.

Receive Based on Martin’s behavior, the two then discovered that if they continued to move forward, they would soon go bankrupt

. No matter how much Martin makes that month, Geer collects at least 1 yuan each

Baccarat tricks

It’s super easy, whether it’s betting in the bank or not, the player just has to bet in the same place. (For example, even if the player wants to bet on the bank, he will bet on the bank for the duration of that only). After you lose each gold, the next round will double your losses until you win betflix baccarat. For example, let’s say you spend 100 RMB to the dealer in

the first round and the answer is a free win and then in the second round you have to bet 200 to the dealer if you lose again in the round.

Second, you will need to wager 400 on the dealer in the third round. and others until the banker wins Once the money is won it goes back to the dealer’s starting point of 100 and the re-spin will keep on going. The key feature of this strategy is that no matter how much you lose until you win, you can win all the money you lose. Go earlier and you can win more of your first bet amount.

The highlight of betting methods such as Martin’s strategy is that no matter how many times you lose, as long as you win, you can pay back instantly and you win more initial bets, many players call it. But every game has its weaknesses and pitfalls. Martin means “high risk and low reward.”

For example

assuming a player loses six rounds right now, you have to play 6400 in the seventh round, and if the seventh round loses again, you have lost 12,700 points. Accumulate. If you win the 7th game, you will win up to only 100. Even if the player has a lot of money to wager, the table game also has an upper limit for betting, once this maximum limit is reached it cannot.

Be added double profit process

In addition to Martin’s tactics, another similar style of play also suggests the use of a double-glorious approach. This game uses odd columns: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 … Each sequence number will complete the sum of the first two numbers. For example if you bet 1 bet in the first round, you bet 1 if you win, 2 bets if you lose and 3, 5, 8 and so on if you lose again. Although this approach was different from

Martin’s tactics. But you can reverse all losses instantly with a win, but at least it can prevent you from losing too much each time and it can also allow players to win games to compensate for

their losses in the past two games. In other words, although the win amount is small and the loss amount is huge. But still have the opportunity to make money

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